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Take a ride on the green side!

Be ECO and use only ecological materials!

Till 31th December 2020, prices for cards made of ecological materials are reduced! Order the production of Eco-cards by 31/12/2020 and you will receive a discount for the selected material!*

*Offer valid while stocks last.


Please meet PET-G, more eco-friendly material than PVC. Does not contain toxic phthalates and chlorine. Suitable for recycling and reuse.


Graspaper is more ecological than pure recycled paper and paper made from virgin fibre. Because of that is biodegradable and compostable.


Card is made with thick double side coated cardboard. Carboard is biodegradable and compostable - can be recycled. We proudly announce that Plastcard - Grupa 3 Druk is finally reached certification for FSC standard.


It is 100% recovered PVC material. After use, it can be fully recycled again. Each kilo of recycled PVC replaces exactly the same amount of PVC that is already on the market.

* available since december 2020 


Special additive accelerates the degradation of Bio PVC in environments rich with microbes. Microbes use the carbon skeleton of the polymer chain as an energy source and use plastic as food.

* available since december 2020 

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The offer is addressed only to plastic card dealers and IT system integrators.

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